Kinder Eggs (3/150) Shitty Jigsaw Puzzle


Even the lion was unimpressed.

I am a little amused that it came with instructions explaining what a jigsaw puzzle is and how you work one, though. I suppose it’s theoretically possible, in these technological times, that a child might grow to Kinder Egg age without ever encountering a jigsaw puzzle.

I wonder what the chances are that all the Kinder Egg jigsaw puzzles are cut with the same die, and therefore it might be possible to make amusing new pictures by swapping pieces between puzzles? Probably the chances are pretty good! Maybe that can be my hook, the next time we get one of these.

The Lucky Surprise Eggs in Kingdom of Loathing are, obviously, a reference to Kinder Eggs. In my original design outline thingy, you got a shitty jigsaw puzzle something like 25% of the time. We decided not to do that, on the basis that it wouldn’t be very much fun. This means that we are better toy designers than the people who make Kinder Eggs. No kid wants a cardboard trading-card-sized jigsaw puzzle, ever.


In other news, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and will likely spend the weekend in bed, in a narcotic haze, with ice on my face. So, probably there will be a short break in transmission, although perhaps I’ll be able to summon up the will to make a post from my phone rambling incoherently about my pokémans.

4 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (3/150) Shitty Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Wait, did you accent the e and then deliberately toss the rest of the spelling?That’s… Genius! Or madness. Probably madness.My starter has the lowest level in my party. I’m much more quickly grasped by wild pok??mon than in any game prior.You getting all four out? If not, I’ve got a Brian Regan sketch for you to hear.

  2. [You getting all four out?]I don’t know what that means. I also am confused by the fact that these comments apparently barf on quotation marks.

  3. So much work just to post one comment, but Riff, his comment confused me too until I realized he was referencing your wisdom teeth :)

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