Lego AdventUres 03/02/11


Voldo: “Hissssssss!”

Keith: “Help me out here — who’s the freak standing on that recycling bin?”

Hairbrush Santa: “Show some respect, fella! That’s the big boss himself, Voldo!”

Keith: “Oh! Huh. Okay yeah, I probably could’ve guessed that.”

Voldo: “Hisss gurgle hisssssssss!”

Keith: “Is this meant to be some kind of pep talk? What’s he saying?”

Hairbrush Santa: “Haven’t a clue, but I think the gist of it is ‘Hey let’s go kill the shit out of everybody!'”


Gilbert: “Rrrrow ffffffffftt!”

Janet: “I think Gilbert says the psychos are here!”

Marty: “Oh shit. All right, here we go. Try not to get killed, everybody. You kids get on that comms console and start directing traffic.”

Janet: “Hooray! Ice cream!”

Phil: “Don’t spoil your dinner.”

Marty: “There may not be a dinner, Phil. I say they can eat as much as they want so long as they can work surveillance at the same time.”

Cindy: “Don’t be such a downer, Marty. We’ve got Gordon Freeman on our side!”

Marty: “That’s about all we’ve got. I hope it’s enough. …Hey, you changed your hair back.”

Cindy: “I didn’t think the braid was the right style for hand-to-hand combat.”

Marty: “And to think you left home to avoid exactly this.”

Cindy: “Yeah. I guess it’s destiny or something. When life gives you lemons, kill the hell out of the lemons to protect the town. Or something. That reminds me, I should go see what my Christmas present was. I’ll see you out there.”

Marty: “Yeah. …Hey, Cindy?”

Cindy: “Yeah?”

Marty: “I um… well, I… good luck.”

Cindy: “You too, Marty. :)”

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