Billy: “Well, while Phil’s showing Marty around the maintenance bays, how about I show around the town a bit?”

Cindy: “Well, all right, but… listen, no offense, but I’m not particularly enthused to hang out in a war zone. I left the last town I was in because they were gearing up for a war; coming to another one wasn’t in my travel plans.”

Billy: “Oh, don’t worry — you missed the war, pretty much. I mean, there’s a raider once in a while, but the robots have them pretty much under control. We’ve got a small, tight-knit community and all the shopping you can loot. There’s much worse places to live.”

Cindy: “Yeah?”

Billy: “Sure! This city may be a war-ravaged wasteland, but at least it’s not Detroit!”

Guardbot: “Ba-dum-bum-pssht!”

Cindy: “That was hardly worthy of a rimshot.”

Guardbot: “What-is-a-rimshot? I-am-playing-the-drums! Ba-dum-bum-pssht!”

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