IF Comp ’08: The story so far

For your convenience (and because I don’t know how to do that clever trick where most of the post is hidden behind a link, is that even possible on a Tumblr blog?), here’s a list of links to the reviews I’ve done so far, in reverse order for no good reason:

Snack Time (no spoilers, unless you count something that’s obvious before you play the first turn)
Riverside (spoilers)
Red Moon (spoilers)
Piracy 2.0 (spoilers)
Opening Night (very small spoilers, not plot-revealing)
wHen mAchines aTtack (spoilers)
The Lucubrator (spoilers)
Lighthouse (spoilers)
Grief (spoilers)
Freedom (not really any spoilers, unless you didn’t want to be spoiled about the >about.)
Dracula’s Underground Crypt (spoilers)
Buried In Shoes (no spoilers)
The Absolute Worst IF Game In History (no spoilers, except that it isn’t.)
Ananachronist (spoilers)
Afflicted (spoilers)

And a post (really, a link to Jenni’s post) about meanness in game reviews.

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