IF Comp ’08: Snack Time!

Hunger. Now there’s a motivation I can relate to.

Ohhh. I was all ready to make a witty comment about a dog being attributed as author (“Which bit did he do? The coding?”), but I get it now. I can’t decide if I think this is clever, or just the IF equivalent of having an aunt who writes a blog from the point of view of her cat.

Well… that was cute. And well-implemented — I didn’t get any missing descriptions, and I had to actually stop and think a little about the things dogs do…

Oh. Huh. Well, I just went back and looked at the hints to find out about the last few points I missed. Selecting that menu option makes the game totally crash. Odd.

Still though, a cute little game. Regarding my earlier question, I’ll go with ‘clever’.

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