My wish is your command, magical Tumblr woman.

A magical severed head named “Lindsey” has promised to reveal a dark secret of the Tumblr gods to me (something called a “Bookmarklet”) if I make another post. How can I refuse such a tantalizing and mysterious offer?

I can’t. It was a rhetorical question.

Seems to me like I can’t just stop there, though; that would be too meta. Too “This is a blog post.” That would be cheating, and Lindsey, messenger of The Tumbld Ones, would surely disapprove.

Oh, a picture! People put pictures on blogs. There’s a little icon here that looks like a tree, which I bet will link a picture if I click on it. Let’s try it…


I took this photo at the British Museum. My first thought was, of course, “Oh god oh god please let it be bandages please bandages please… insulin? Shit!”

Is that good? Think that will satisfy Lindsey and her dark gods?

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