Liquid Television


Holy shit, you guys. Holy fucking shit.

Mtv has set up a site and posted all (maybe not all? But an assload of) the clips and shorts from the old Liquid Television series. Including Aeon Flux* — not just the original shorts, but the full episodes after she got her own series.

And The Maxx! Fuckin’ A!

I don’t know how to express how awesome this is. Liquid Television was my show. Any of you have a show that you watched completely fucking religiously, taped every episode even if it was a rerun and you already had it on tape? For me, that was this show.

Not everything in it was good. Dog Boy, for instance, I remember being pretty stupid. But the good stuff was awesome.

I’ma go through the shorts here and see if anything else jumps out for individual links…

Brad Dharma, Psychedelic Detective
Nietzche Pops
The Street Sweeper
The Running Man


Jesus the nostalgia is overwhelming.


*BTW, if you dig the music from Aeon Flux, the guy who did that, Drew Neumann, apparently still owns the rights to to the tunes, just not the ability to market them under the Aeon Flux name — which is why you might not be aware of the twovolume soundtrack.

One thought on “Liquid Television

  1. Jac Mac and Rad Boy! Grinning Evil Death! Man, oh man. Unexpected nostalgia bomb.I wish they had the full versions of all the shorts — films like Buzz Bomb were originally longer-form. It looks like they only show the bits that were presented on LTV, which is pretty cool on its own merits.Great find!

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