Kinder Eggs (73/150) Der Fliegende Teffich


Man! They really rocked the stickers on this one. What I really want to call your attention to, though, is the art on the insert sheet. Usually these present the toy as though it were a real creature or car or whatever in its native habitat, but here it’s shown as an actual toy. An actual GIANT toy. You can see the little people milling around a life-sized plastic castle, with a gargantuan two-dimensional cutout of Aladdin and his girlfriend hovering above it. That must be really weird for the people that live there. Was it like a really poorly-thought-out public works project? “Yeah, we were gonna just do a statue of the town founder, but then Jerry came up with the idea of this giant sunlight-blocking plastic flying carpet, and we had this unbelievable amount of sticker paper lying around, so we just kind of ran with it…”

One thought on “Kinder Eggs (73/150) Der Fliegende Teffich

  1. I just wanted to point out that the word in the paper is "Teppich" (i.e. mat in German) even though I can definitely see how you came to the conclusion of "Teffich" :)

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