Kinder Eggs (72/150) Space Balge 2000


Here’s another poppit-based thing. That’s what those crinkly tubes are called, right? Poppits? I remember there was a construction toy based on them. I had a couple from Happy Meals. Anyway, this is a robot or an astronaut or possibly a robo-astronaut. He’s oddly heavy-duty, the plastic seems denser than usual. I’d also like to point out that, once again, we have a far-future thing called ‘2000’, when the year 2000 was at most 5 or 6 years away and it should have been fairly obvious to everyone that we would not have fully autonomous and apparently AI-equipped bipedal robots on the moon by then. You can even see a little silver moon city in the background of the picture. Guys, it’s a decade later and we still don’t even nearly have that. Come on.

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