Kinder Eggs (63/150) Flipbook


It’s a flipbook. One side is a one-second cartoon about a cool surfer dude wiping out; the other side is a one-second cartoon about a shark fin that turns out to be a snorkeler with a pointy head. See the expression on the snorkeler’s face? That sort of pranksterish smirk, that “oh man I totally punk’d that dude” look? The guy is fooling himself — there are no other characters in the cartoon. Nobody is frightened by his shark impression; no one even notices. “Ha ha! If I weren’t so totally alone, I would have completely blown some poor sap’s mind! So alone. Heh.”

And just in case you were keeping score at home, stack this one on the “The new kinder egg team has no idea what fun is” pile. The last toy, the guy with the erectile head, that sat on my desk and got played with since it arrived. I probably bugged the crap out of Roy with the constant ‘rrrrrrripppp’ noise. This flipbook? I watched each cartoon three times and then threw it in the box. Six seconds.

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