Kinder Eggs (58/150) Vision IV


Another sweet hotrod from the Reise Nach Utopia line. Pretty awesome, except I’m not so sure about the paint job.

“Killer ride, man! You gonna get some sweet racing stripes or flames or something airbrushed onto it?”

“Hell yeah I am! I was thinking yellow world maps on a rainbow background.”



2 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (58/150) Vision IV

  1. I’m not sure! I mean, I think it’s some kind of spinning disk toy thing, it’s got a little hexagonal hole on the back and I seem to recall that it uses one of those toothed ripcord-deals to make it shoot out or fly or whatever, but I dunno what I’ve done with the other parts. I don’t think it’s from a pre-Kinder project egg, because the character on it is sort of like an old-school japanese manga version of Bert from Sesame Street. I don’t remember where it came from at all though.I’d post a better picture of it, but now I can’t find it.

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