Kinder Eggs (46/150) Clip Clap Clown


3 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (46/150) Clip Clap Clown

  1. The last two were kinda big compared to the size of the capsule…I assume this one doesn’t work (tumbling descend down the ladder by the force of the gravity hinging onthe steps)

  2. I only tested it a couple times, but it seemed to work fine. It’s not, however, particularly entertaining.

  3. I am entertained by just imagining it.I always found toys that are some sort of physical contraptions more fun, compared to plain cars / hippos / etc.I feel like messing too much with your project in comments lately, so at least i’ll also post a pic of whaveter kinders i was able to find around the house. zero entertainment value, though.

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