Kinder Eggs (30/150) Some kind of bullshit.


Man okay well, I have a little time to kill while I’m waiting for Portal 2 to unlock here, so I guess I’ll post this piece of crap.

What this is, is three crappy lenticular stickers and a sticker book to put them on, where by “sticker book” I mean the other side of the crappy crumpled folded-up instruction sheet. Awful.

I mean, come on guys, it’s bad enough you decided three shitty stickers was sufficient toy for a Kinder Egg (which has a long-standing reputation for having excellent prizes), but then to suggest that kids completely waste these stickers by pasting them to this scrap of garbage is just insulting.

Don’t turn into the next Cracker Jack, guys. You’re better than this.

Although I’m way too lazy to actually go back through the archive and check, it seems to me like the shittiest prizes have been coming out of these new-style capsules, with the hinge instead of two seperate halves. They seem reasonably rare in this box, or at least I definitely have more of the older ones.

Maybe I should just do all of these new capsules and get them the fuck out of the way, so we can have some good shit again. Maybe I should do them all in one post.

Well, it’s something to consider.

2 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (30/150) Some kind of bullshit.

  1. I have one or two of those dancing hippos at home on a shelf. They were toys in an earlier egg. Reusing them as stickers sounds just mean to me…

  2. Don’t be hatin’ on the hippos! I love hippos!That said, I had to buy about 150 of the damn things to get all three sets of those lenticular hippo stickers. Luckily, I was getting 3 for a quid. So I only spend around ??50 on kinder eggs. Yeah, perhaps I need therapy…I’ll post you all of our kinder eggs if you want (minus the hippos of course), but would love any of the hippos you get!

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