Kinder Eggs (17/150) Fahrradkurier


I am kind of cheaping out on this one. My apologies to the dozen or so of you reading this, but my new 3DS arrived today, and it’s finished charging up. I think that counts as an Extenuating Circumstance.

Check this guy out, though! I can hardly believe he fit inside that egg. He’s got like fifteen parts! His legs pedal when the back wheel turns! Crazy!


Also, check out that face. This is no regular bike messenger — this is a fuckin terminator sent from the future. Spikes on his helmet and all.

Actually when you look close, they’re not really spiky. It’s more like a mohawk. So either the helmet has a mohawk molded into it, or has slots in it so the mohawk can fit through it, or this guy has blue hair and sideburns that go around both sides of his ears and under his chin. Baffling.

I guess when you’re a terminator you can have any goddamn kind of hair you want, though.

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