Kinder Eggs (8/150) Post-Mobil


Man, this is rough. I feel like I’m not fufilling my goals with this project if I don’t come up with a funny or interesting bit of fiction or commentary or something for at least nine out of ten of these things. But look at this, it’s a little mail-delivery scooter. What can I say? This would be an even worse toy than the cement-moving truck, if it didn’t have the little removable packages on the top. And it had stickers to put on, that’s pretty cool.

Okay, new rule: if I honestly can’t think of anything, I get to do a couple stupid limericks instead. But they have to be good limericks.

A kindly Germanic Briefträger
has stumped this American blogger.
On his bunten Flitzer
everything’s spitze,
until he runs over a jogger.

A mail-delivery scooter
brings packages notably cuter
than those sent by truck,
delivered by duck,
or torrented on your computer.

Few things are known to be scarier
than a driving-while-drunk mail carrier.
If he misses a turn,
your mail might burn,
or he’ll deliver it straight up your derrière.

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