Lego AdventUres 03/01/11


Marty: “Oh god I’m gonna die. We’re all gonna die. Huuuurrrrrrl.”

Cindy: “You can stop throwing up now, Marty. I’ve brought backup.”


Marty: “Backup? By ‘backup’ you mean like a Panzer division, right? Because otherwise… holy shit on toast, is that Gordon Freeman?”

Cindy: “Yup!”

Marty: “And he’s willing to help us?”

Cindy: “Well, he hasn’t actually spoken a word, but I explained the situation and he seems agreeable.”

Marty: “Well, welcome aboard, Dr. Freeman! Jesus, I can’t believe our luck. I’ll have to see if we can scare up a gun for y–“


Gun: “Ka-click.”

Marty: “I didn’t actually open my Christmas present yet, but I’m pretty sure it must have been you.”

Gordon: “…”

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