Guardbot: “Wooooo! This fire is DELICIOUS!”

Marty: “Dammit, stop spraying it everywhere. I’m not gonna mix another pitcher for you if you’re gonna waste it.”

Guardbot: “Awwww.”

Cindy: “Wait a minute, what happened to his hyphens?”

Marty: “I fixed his voice synthesizer. It was cute when he was a minor background character, but it started getting annoying.”

Guardbot: “I’m… I’m not a minor background character any more?”

Marty: “No, you’ve graduated to ‘stupid comic relief’.”


Miner: “Err… excuse me?”

Cindy: “Who’re you?”

Miner: “I’m Frank. Janet said you need people to help with fortifications or something?”

Cindy: “Great! I was beginning to think we weren’t going to get any more human characters on our side.”

Frank: “Yeah, advent calender people tend to be kind of weird, so the psychos have an advantage in that regard.”

Marty: “So you can help us build a wall or something?”

Frank: “Sure, that’s easy. Shit, I’ve got like eight chests full of stacks of dirt and stone cubes. Do you need torches? I’ve also got a chest full of torches, coz I heard they were all going to turn into lanterns, but it never ended up happening.”

Cindy: “I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I bet almost nobody else does, either.”

Frank: “No, but the ones that do are totally nodding and going ‘hell yeah’ right now.”

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