Robot: “Marty! Oh God! It’s terrible! Terrible news!”

Marty: “What’s wrong, Panicbot? Did more psychos show up?”

Panicbot: “No! Worse!! Someone was playing Minecraft all night and forgot to post an update!”

Marty: “Aw man, lame. All right, we’ll just do two today to catch up, and then maybe post some bonus links or something.”

Panicbot: “Holy shit, who is that man you’ve got tied up there?”

Cindy: “A psycho we captured. Do you guys have a prison cell or something?”

Psycho: “Can I have my knife back please?”

Cindy: “No. Shut up.”

Panicbot: “A psycho?? OH MY HOLY FUCK ON TOAST”

Marty: “Panicbot, I think we need to have a look at… whatever part of you it is that makes you do that.”

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