Phil: “Cargobot here is in charge of… well, it’s not difficult to figure out.”

Marty: “Aww! He reminds me of my rocket-sled back home.”

Cargobot: “A pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir.”

Marty: “…Except for, you know, the whole talking thing. What’s your difficulty, Cargobot? Trouble flying?”

Cargobot: “No, landing.”

Marty: “Figures. I guess I’d better get started working on you guys.”

Phil: “I will send a scout to the town library, perhaps there are some manuals on electronics that would aid you.”

Marty: “Okay. I guess we should get some kind of plot rolling, although frankly, it’s pretty much impossible to plan anything coherent without any foreknowledge of future toys. …Oh, geez, look at me getting all meta again. Sorry, just ignore me.”

Phil: “If I may make a suggestion: perhaps instead of trying to think in the long-term, you should set your sights more narrowly.”

Marty: “What do you mean?”

Phil: “If you occasionally presented a ‘cliffhanger’ or ‘hook’ which went unresolved, then you could design the next day’s content around resolving that hook, utilizing whatever the calendar happens to throw at you. This would allow you to establish a narrative from beat to beat, as well as give you a jumping-off point to work from the next day.”

Marty: “Say, that’s not a bad idea.”

Cindy: “Aieeeee! Help!”

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