Kid: “Hey, lady, what’s going on?”

Marty: “Help!”

Cindy: “Oh thank god, another human. You are a human, right kid?”

Kid: “Yep! I’m Billy!”

Cindy: “Hi Billy, I’m Cindy. And my friend over there getting the life crushed out of him is Marty.”

Marty: “Help me!”

Billy: “I don’t get it. You guys don’t seem like psychos, but if you aren’t, the guardbot shouldn’t be attacking. And it didn’t sound the alarm like usual.”

Cindy: “No no, we’re not psychos, we’re… well, tourists, basically. Marty’s a blacksmith, see, and the robot got kind of excited, I guess?”

Billy: “Ohh! Okay. Guardbot: disengage hug protocol!”

Guardbot: “Bleep!”

Marty: “Oh god, my spine.”

Billy: “I’m warning you though: if you guys turn out to be psychos, I’m totally gonna stab you. There’s only two of you, and I’ve got three swords.”

Cindy: “Aren’t you a little young to be going around stabbing psychos?”

Billy: “I guess, but I’m one of the few real humans left in this city, and as you’ve probably noticed, the robots aren’t that bright.”

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