Marty: “So, we’re back from the break finally. What’s new?”

Sir Nigma: “Well, we got one of those jousting dummies, except instead of being the kind where if you don’t hit the target right, it knocks you off your horse? This one, if you don’t hit the target right, it kills the shit out of you with an axe.”

Marty: “Merry Christmas!”

Sir Nigma: “Also, we got a sword in a stone, which came with two extra swords in case you decide to hell with the stuck one.”

Marty: “How many swords is that now?”

Sir Nigma: “Seven. Plus three spears and two each of giant axes, hammers, and these crazy mace-and-chain things I’ve got. And two sets of manacles, and a skeleton. Are you sure this is a Christmas calendar?”

Marty: “Maybe it’s sort of egging us on to get our battle over with. What happened to that guy from the Pusher’s Guild?”

Sir Nigma: “Ran himself over with the cart. Somehow.”

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