Sir Nigma: “What did we get today? Is it a person? To push my Death Barrow? Because I know I’m kind of harping on this, but I’d really like to get this whole “best at head-crushing” thing resolved.”

Marty: “I thought you wanted to drag it out until Christmas?”

Sir Nigma: “I guess, but I worry that maybe “Someday We’re Gonna Fight” isn’t interesting enough of a plotline to sustain us for the whole month.”

Marty: “Wow, you are way overthinking this. Anyway, to answer your question, no. But we did get an awesome trunk of shiny jewels.”

Queen Leona: “Get your goddamn hands off my jewels!”

Marty: “These are yours?”

Queen Leona: “I am the queen and these are jewels. Do the math, dipshit!”

Marty: “Man, even for a queen, you’re kind of a bitch.”

Sir Nigma: “I’m beginning to regret voting for her.”

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