It’s that time of year again! Time for me to take extremely blurry iCamera photos of the LEGO Advent Calendar! This year, the LEGO Corporation has finally brought the Castle advent calender to the US, which is good because the presents will probably be a lot better than the weird-ass City set, but then again worse because they will probably therefore not be as interesting to write about. Still, I suppose I could use a challenge to keep the ol’ writing muscles from doing that thing, you know, that bad thing that muscles do when you don’t challenge them.

So! For December First (and it’s still December First here, I’ve got a whole half-hour to go in fact) we have what is unequivocally a blacksmith. He’s so much a blacksmith that he has two hammers — I expect he used the first hammer to craft the second one.

If you squint a little at his tiny blurry face, you will see that he is quite pleased with this second hammer. “Just think!” he thinks, marvelling to himself, “it’s marvellous! Now I have one hammer for hammering anvils, and an entirely separate hammer for hammering heads! Now whenever I indulge my hobby of hammering a head or two on a quiet evening, I won’t have to worry about getting blood and bits of skull on the hammer I use for my professional blacksmithing duties!”

You go, little blacksmith. Fly free.

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