IF Comp 2010: Mite

Next we have Mite, by Sara Dee. Mite.z5 weighs in at 188 kB (more than twice as much as The Chronicler), and was coded with Inform 6 — specifically 6.30. I think Chronicler was 6.21.

Spoilers begin after what will probably turn out to be some horrible-looking insect…


…Yup. Since this game seems to be about adorable fairy children, I am inclined to photoshop a little green elf hat onto that thing… however, I am very lazy, so if you could just imagine that I did, and it it was hilarious, that would be cool.

>x me
You are Mite, a pixy lad with bright green skin and pointy ears.

Prior to this whole undertaking, you hadn’t had a whole lot of experience with adventuring or travel. That’s part of the reason why your parents were so keen on having you return the jewel yourself.

“Pixies were meant to explore and have fun, and you’re certainly at the right age for that!” your father had told you.  You can’t help but think of this as more of a chore, though. Sure, you want to help out the Fairy Prince, and sure, you’ll probably return with a bunch of stories with which to regale your friends. But you’ve never been much for showing off anyway, and more often that not, you just prefer to stretch out in a patch of clover with one of the tomes from your Auntie’s modest but serviceable library.

And yet here you are.

You are currently toting a dazzling blue gem on your back in a loose sling.

Holy crap dude! Now that is how you do an “x me”.

You utter one of the few magic words you know. There is a soft chiming and your eyes are drawn to the jewel. It briefly glows ruby red and then reverts back to its pale blue hue.


This is also appreciated.

fescue [n] Also called fescue grass. Any grass of the genus Festuca,  some species of which are cultivated for pasture or lawns.

This is a pretty educational comp so far.

Well, that was a nice little game. I didn’t notice any spelling errors or bugs, and everything I tried to look at was implemented. I only got a parser error once, trying to bow to the prince (“That’s not a verb I recognize”). Plotwise, it was okay. Fairy-tales aren’t really my thing. I enjoyed the butterfly being pissed at me, though.

Unless this is intended for little kids (which seems likely considering the story), the puzzles could stand to be a bit trickier or more complicated. Everything fell into place very easily for me. “Oh, -that’s- what the pollen is for. I bet the nymph will give me a container if I kill the spider. Need a weapon… oh, of course. Bam, bam, bam, across the bridge, hmm goblin, oh this is for jumping, there done.”

Assuming it is meant for kids, you might get more mileage with a female main character than male, seeing as it’s more of a little girl-oriented setting.

So, let’s see, I guess I’ll score it an… 8. Personally it’s more of a 7, but I don’t think I’m the target audience, so I’ll give it an extra half-point for benefit of the doubt, and then round up in the submitting.

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