Today’s intrepid challenger in the 2010 Orange Soda Bestness Battle 2010 is: Route 66 Sodas Orange Soda, which so far is the most reasonably-named one of the bunch.

Not much going on with the bottle. It’s the standard generic glass bottle everyone uses, with a paper label. I’m basically indifferent to the label design. Nothing much to say about the ingredients list; like all of these sodas so far, Route 66 Orange uses cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

So how about that Sinistar, huh? Yeah he’s coming along pretty good. At the moment he looks like he’s bleeding profusely from the chin and lower jaw area, but that’s actually the insides of his mouth — the chin isn’t installed yet.

All right, let’s taste this.

Well, it’s flavorful, but that flavor is mostly sugar. What this basically tastes like is orange lollipop. It’s not bad, but I would prefer more citrus bite and less sweet. I think I put it in second place so far, behind Squamscot orange, although Rt. 66 wins in fizziness.

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