I was reminded by the forum transcript of last night’s radio show that someone called a “pics or it didn’t happen” on my Sinistar cross-stitch, so here’s a work-in-progress shot.

I’m not 100% happy with my color choices — the light green is a little too green, and the light blue should be slightly darker. It’s pretty hard to accurately match colors from a monitor, even with a comprehensive swatch book. What I really need to to have a hank of every color of thread on-hand, so I can more easily make adjustments on the fly (unlike my current situation, where I try to figure out what I need in advance and just buy that). That would cost more than a hundred bucks, though, and I dunno if I’m going to be into this hobby for long enough to make that worth it.

But anyway, regardless of all that, I think this’ll still come out pretty cool. I’ll try to remember to post some more occasional pics as it develops.

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