Well, tonight we finally managed to take down Kel’Thuzad! Go us! (For those not in the know: Kel’Thuzad is the last boss of Naxxaramaxxaraxxus, and thus the last boss of World of Warcraft as it currently stands.*)

It was pretty down to the wire, too — all our tanks were dead, as were most of the DPS, the healers had started DPSing in a desperate attempt to burn him down that last little bit as Kel and his four giant beetle friends were rampaging around… I died about a tenth of a second before Kel did, and I think there were maybe three or four in the party that were still left standing (out of 25). It was awesome.

Unfortunately we all spaced on getting a screen-capture, so instead you get this picture of a Tauren sitting on the bank steps, flying a kite. Isn’t he adorable?

* Oh, except for Malygos, I guess you’d say he’s the real last bossof WoW. But whatever.

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