So two things happened today: a new Castlevania game came out for the DS, and Jenni discovered a local Culver’s franchise in Mesa. Culver’s is pretty good. They have good burgers and good shakes. And cheese curds, the lack of which in Arizona Jenni was kind of freaking out about just a little bit. I don’t have much else to say about it. She can, if she’s of a mind to.

Castlevania, on the other hand, I am all about, and this one is looking to be goddamn awesome. Remember the last DS Castlevania, how all the graphics and sprites and backgrounds were just fantastic? Well, imagine the best-looking monsters in the game… in the new game, all the monsters are as good as that, or better. Imagine the best, most interesting background in the game… in this game, they’re ALL that good.

I love the Castlevania team, just for their graphics. These are people that remember that sprites look good. I keep seeing all these other DS games trying to do 3d, because I guess some memo went around saying that All Modern Next-Gen Videogames Have To Have 3D Graphics Or They Aren’t Worth A Damn or something, but guess what? 3d looks terrible on the DS.

They keep remaking all the old Final Fantasy games for the DS, and I’m all “Wooo!”, until I discover that they’ve gone and replaced the perfectly good Final Fantasy sprite graphics with 3d models that have about six polygons each in them, and they look like ass. Stop doing that, DS developers! The fact that your shitty graphics are 3d does not excuse them from looking shitty, especially when Castlevania is proving time and time again that there’s a perfectly good alternative.

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