IF Comp ’08: Escape From the Underworld (spoilers)

First sentence: You take the role of Bobby T. Minion, a demon working in the Underworld to where the job of torturing the damned and the making the evil suffer has been outsourced.

Wow, dang. That is some unsubtle exposition, right there. Karl Beecher, here is a useful storytelling principle for you, free of charge: “Show, Don’t Tell.”

The Mechanic uses a spanner to tighten one of his nuts.

Fnarr fnarr.

> look under sink
There’s just a few empty plastic bottles and a plunger.
> get all
sink: That’s hardly portable.
tap: That’s hardly portable.
bottles: Ugh! They’re all dirty and slimy. Best to leave them there.

> get plunger

‘Get all’ exists for a reason, you know.

Urgh. This is boring. I am bored. I think I’m going to go level fishing in World of Warcraft instead. If you know what fishing is like in World of Warcraft, that should impress upon you just how boring I find this game.

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