IF Comp ’08: Dracula’s Underground Crypt (spoilers)

First paragraph (post-intro) contains a missing apostrophe, a period with no space after it, and a misspelling (“vaguelly”). Tsk, tsk.

Second paragraph has two misspellings (“motiff”, “benfit”), a comma that should be a semicolon, and a suspicious capitalization. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

(I’ll stop there, as far as that goes. But still — dude! Tsk! Joseph Strom at least ran a spellchecker!)

You can also see a large oak door, a slab of granite, a fireplace and a four-armed suit of armour here.

> x slab
Good idea, but…the thing is… you have to find it first.

> x granite
Good idea, but…the thing is… you have to find it first.

> x slab of granite
Good idea, but…the thing is… you have to find it first.

What? It’s right there! I can see it! You said I could!

How can the armor decapitate me with a spear that’s in my inventory?

I am starting to get the feeling that this game is essentially the same as the one I wrote two years ago, except with vampires instead of (SPOILER!!!) zombies (END SPOILER!!!) and with puzzles that are deliberately obtuse out of a desire to be clever and puzzling instead of puzzles that are deliberately obtuse because I’m an asshole and I hate escape the locked room games. The real problem with such games in IF instead of flash, though, is that in flash, you can see the things you can click on, and can carry on clicking on them until you’ve clicked on everything. In IF, you have a large number of verbs that can be combined with a huge number of nouns, which makes it basically impossible to guess what to try unless the game gives you some guidance. Which I’m not seeing much of here.

Okay, this made me chuckle:

> x mantlepiece
You can tell a lot from a person by what’s on their mantlepiece, this one has a nothing. From just these few clues you deduce that Dracula is a man especially fond of his nothing.

By putting something on the mantlepiece and looking again, I see that this response was probably unintentional. That might make it funnier.

This was also funny: You realize that you genuinely have no idea what his accent is meant to be.

All right, I give up. Walkthru time.

Ahahaha: *Collect all the purple coins

Okay. Well. Examining the fireplace mentions the pictures, so I’ll go mea culpa on not examining them. But statues? What statues? What text where said that there were any statues in this room? FAIL.

Summary: Some actually funny moments here and there (more than I bothered to quote), vastly outnumbered by spelling mistakes (Tsk!). Puzzles are obtuse in the extreme — or in the case of the statues, impossible, as far as I can make out. Has potential, though. I encourage the author to clean it up (WAY up) and make something good out of it.

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