Couplea things for you

Firstly, I dunno how many of you are into video game soundtracks like I am — I find them to be the perfect thing to listen to at work, because they don’t have any distracting lyrics, and they’re generally pretty uptempo. And if I’m working on something moodier, or horror-ish or something, I can generally find a suitable matching game soundtrack.

Anyway, while looking for the soundtrack to 999 this morning, I stumbled across this site, which is pretty much the game soundtrack goldmine. (Naturally, you should buy these instead of torrenting whenever that’s an option, but since most of these are obscure Japan-only releases or promotional giveaways that you aren’t going to find for sale, I don’t think anyone’ll look down on you too harshly.)

Secondly, while cleaning out my millions of open firefox tabs, I ran into this, which I meant to share with you several days ago but forgot. It’s a story about some punks who build their own alternative to the Voyager I space probe out of beer cans. There’s a transcript there on the page if you prefer to read, but in this case I recommend listening to the audio version instead, as it’s well-read and funny, and it’s only half an hour long.

4 thoughts on “Couplea things for you

  1. Well it seems that I’m a couple of… years… behind on escape pod.

    I should skim the archive for union dues stories.

    And since you read EVERY COMMENT ON THIS BLOG, let me know if you’re still playing borderlands 2…

    1. Well, I’m not not still playing it, but it’s basically been backburnered by other stuff, like Etrian Odyssey IV and replaying Fallout 3.

  2. For moody horror type music Midnight Syndicate can’t be beat! They did an D&D themed album or two, and physical CDs can usually be found at halloween stores, because you’re totally looking for etched plastic discs. Good organ and strings with some creepy noises thrown in at times.

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