A Kickstarter Ad

Since most of the people who read my blog (assuming there’s any left after my long periods of never posting anything, but if you’re like me, it sits in your RSS feed anyway and is a nice surprise on the rare occasions where it pops up) came to it from Kingdom of Loathing, my general assumption about you guys is that you’re people who like well-written funny things, are probably down with webcomics generally, and chances are, are erudite enough to be cool with Shakespeare at least a little bit, if not more.

So I imagine most of you would be all about a Choose-Your-Own-Hamlet Adventure, written by the guy who writes Dinosaur Comics and the excellent Adventure Time comic book, illustrated by all your favorite webcomics artists. And therefore you should get in on this Kickstarter.

Other things you might be interested in that I am Kickstarting include:

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (6 days left)


Dice Rings (26 days left)


Shadowgate (less than an hour left)

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