Kinder Eggs (70/150) Jetboat


Here’s another rocket-powered sailboat. I would link to the other one, but the archive isn’t very well optimized for that sort of thing (finding a particular post). I should just keep a list. Maybe that will happen. Anyway, catamaran. Is this a catamaran? I don’t actually know what a catamaran is, but it’s fun to say. And type. Catamaran. Catamaran.

3 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (70/150) Jetboat

  1. What if it were a lenticular catamaran?I’ve had the same issue with my Racer Knights posts… I’ll think, I should link back to when this part showed up those 3 days in a row… but then I realize that I’m doing everything from my phone and that looking up that information would suck

  2. I think a catamaran has four hulls… *googles* hmm, guess not. Wiki just says it’s any kind of multi-hulled boat

  3. I thought a catamaran had two hulls, a trimaran three and so on, but there may be a better word for one with 2 hulls then if catamaran is the collective name for them.

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