Kinder Eggs (69/150) More Hippos


More lenticular hippo stickers. I guess these ones are doing a sort of American Idol or possibly Dancing With the Stars kind of thing. I won’t disparage them, now that I know they have a fan, but still. Stickers.

4 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (69/150) More Hippos

  1. Lenticular stickers > Shitty puzzle. (You also get to say "lenticular"… say it with me now… "lenticular"… isn’t that a fun word?)Now what about a lenticular puzzle?Or how about a 3d lenticular puzzle cube that made it appear like there was something in the cube? That’d be pretty sweet… They should get on that and send it back in time so you can get it in your box of eggs.In other news, I finally got around to indexing my tiny car project on posterous:

  2. /me looks behind him where at least two of those figures actually stand but as plastic figurines instead of stickers…

  3. As a toy, they are crap. As hippos they are awesome. And I believe those are the stickers that I had to buy like 40 more eggs to get (got dupes of the other ones). I’m not sure though, because I wasn’t so attached to them that I kept them here in England–they’re back with my primary hippo collection in Eugene.Evan’s got a fair point–lenticular is fun to say, making them far more awesome than the puzzles.

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