Kinder Eggs (60/150) Anime Wheel Thing


Huh. So the other day, when I said in the comments that the red disc thing on my desk didn’t look like a kinder egg toy? This is me standing corrected, because here’s another one. Oddly, the character art is printed directly on the plastic, rather than being a sticker. I wonder why? Surely it’s cheaper to print stickers, and putting stickers on a thing is pretty much always fun. Of all the ways the newer kinder toys fail, this strikes me as a particularly strange one.

One thought on “Kinder Eggs (60/150) Anime Wheel Thing

  1. See I disagree with the sticker thing. Not that it’s not necessarily fun, but I’m pretty incompetent at putting stickers on things nicely and evenly (various Settlers expansion pieces attest to this).I’m sad you’re finding the Kinder Egg project a bit boring, because my chances of off-loading about 180 eggs on you is lost (I would have even paid for shipping!). That said, you wouldn’t have liked most of them, since they’re all new-style eggs. But at least you gotten more puzzles than we did–something like 8 puzzles, all the same (lion, I think).

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