Kinder Eggs (42/150) The Givney Flip


Man, I have been slacking on these lately. Posterous not date-stamping posts doesn’t shame me into keeping up a daily schedule the way Tumblr did. How long has this frog been on my desk?

Anyway, you’ve got a particularly Muppet-looking frog (presumably a highly-poisonous one, judging from its color), and a plastic thing with a tiny smiling elf on it. As the frog approaches with intentions of lunch, the elf utters a Violently Ordinary Rejoinder, and with the assistance of a push-button, the frog does a flip-take in the classic newspaper comics style. (See Before and After pictures.)

Once in a while, the frog lands on its feet, which I guess is the intention. It’s cute! It also doesn’t happen very often.

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