Kinder Eggs (39/150) Magical Severed Head


This is um.

This is… a fairy princess. Just the head of a fairy princess. With feet. Or possibly boobs, either way they’re on her chin. And one hand, holding a magic wand. And wheels. Wheels! In her neck!

I… Jesus, I don’t know. I don’t even begin to know. I’m just gonna go watch the Fact Core video again.

2 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (39/150) Magical Severed Head

  1. As none of the other heads seem to have affectations from the neck down, the only obvious thing that the boobs can be is a bow tie. Therefor this must be a man dressed as a fairy but also going to a fancy party. Maybe a fancy fairy bow tie party. Maybe a fancy charity banquet for man fairies. The fancy party this dude is going to is only limited by a persons imagination.

  2. Those are totally boobs.I think it’s a fairy godmother, though, not a princess. That wand is very godmotheresque (godmotherian?), and something about her cheeks makes her look not super young.

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