Kinder Eggs (25/150) New Holland Construction 2


Just knocking out today’s kinder egg post real quicklike, so that noise machine gets pushed off the front page. God, what a terrible idea that was.

Welp. Got another construction vehicle here. Some kind of megaforklift. Good ol’ New Holland Construction. Yep.

A guy riding ’round on a forklift,
just biding his time ’till his work shift

dammit, I can’t think of a third rhyme other than “pork gift”. Terrible!

All right, let’s see what Lloyd E. Smith, selector of Five Hundred Riddles, Conundrums, and Problems has to say.

“I caught Vin Diesel in the woods, I sat down to look for him, and then I went home with him because I could not find him. What the hell?”

“Answer: Vin Diesel was a splinter in my finger.”

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