Kinder Eggs (11/150) Rhino & Ronnie auf Safari


Rhino: “A shifty-eyed ethnic stereotype riding a large gray mammal. This seems familiar.”

Ronnie: “What? What ethnic stereotype am I?”

Rhino: “You’re swarthy and dark-skinned, you’ve got a big mustache, and you’re wearing a cowboy hat. You’re a Mexican.”

Ronnie: “That’s racist!

Rhino: “Also, I don’t like the way your hair didn’t get painted, so it looks like your head is a really weird shape.”

Ronnie: “Look, a cowboy hat does not make a guy Mexican.”

Rhino: “But all the guys in this series are stereotypes. Look at the picture — that’s obviously an Arabian guy on the camel, and an Egyptian guy on the crocodile. You should be riding the bull; I don’t understand that guy’s hat at all.”

Ronnie: “I’m riding a rhinocerous, though!”

Rhino: “Yeah, I’d noticed.”

Ronnie: “Mexicans don’t ride rhinoceroses!”

Rhino: “Oh, now who’s being racist?”

Ronnie: “I mean, the animal is part of the stereotype, right? So obviously I’m not a Mexican, because Mexicans are hardly known for their constant rhinoceros-riding. Who rides rhinoceroses?”

Rhino: “Er… guys from… Nepal?”

Ronnie: “So what’s a Nepalese guy look like?”

Rhino: “Shit, I don’t know that. You, I guess!”

Ronnie: “Let me down. I don’t wanna be riding a racist rhinoceros.”

Rhino: “That mob will tear you apart if I let you down. What’d you do to make them so angry, anyway?”

Ronnie: “Let’s just say I’m not the… uh… where does a Nepalese guy deliver a pizza?”

Rhino: “What?”

One thought on “Kinder Eggs (11/150) Rhino & Ronnie auf Safari

  1. The best thing about the camera on this new phone, is that you can see how absolutely filthy my keyboard is.

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