And here we have the baby Drago from Mother 3. He’s sort of like a baby tyrannosaurus, except the Dragos are friendly and I guess herbivores? They totally look like tyrannosaurs though. He’s involved in a fairly powerful emotional moment in the game, though I don’t think I should spoil it.

It’s great to have some small characters to work on, because I am tearing through them. It’s nice to have that sense of progression in such a massive project. Also, being able to post a cross-stitch update means I don’t have to do a Lego update today, and man. I am glad people seem to like the Lego adventure thing, but I am starting to get kind of burned out on it. Only 9 days of it left, though, and then I can move on to the thing I have planned to replace it, and that’ll be fun.

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