So hey, instead of a Lego AdventTures (hurr look how clever, I could be in marketing) post, here’s this. Remember this? This cross-stitch thing I was doing until Minecraft happened? Well, I don’t have any projects going in Minecraft, at least until the next update, so I’ve been working on this instead.

These little guys are the Pokémon Plusle and Minun. I guess they’re sort of like Pikachus, except positively and negatively charged? Which presents all kinds of weird questions. Like, they seem to be two distinct species of creature — the Plusles aren’t all males and the Minuns females, or anything like that. So probably they don’t cross-breed. But, wouldn’t a male and female Plusle, being the same charge, repel each other?

It would probably just lead to madness to think about it any harder than that.

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