Bonus Penalty Links

Let’s see, what have I seen recently that’s cool…

Well, those Emergency Broadcast Network videos I posted the other day are part of a larger set, which you can find in their full original resolution direct from the source:

Kevin Allison, who imo was one of the funniest guys on The State, has a podcast called RISK! where comedians tell bizarre and embarrassing true stories from their own lives. It’s pretty funny (but NSFW).

The Dream Machine is a gorgeous-looking episodic point-and-click type adventure, with all the art done in claymation. The first two (of 5) chapters are available at the moment, and it’s well worth checking out if you’re down with that sort of game.

If you like Let’s Plays and want a really long one to watch, Vinny and Jeff from Giant Bomb did a full LP of Persona 4 a couple years ago, which I’ve been watching while mining and such. They’re pretty funny guys, so if you’re in the market for a Let’s Play video with one hundred and fifty-four 20-40 minute segments, well, here you go. You can also watch them do Deadly Premonitions in 38 segments, which honestly is probably the best way to experience Deadly Premonitions. (Hit the ‘Endurance Run’ tab and click to the last page of results to watch Persona 4; the Deadly Premonitions vids you want are marked with a yellow “VJ”.)

I know I played some other interesting flash games recently, but I can’t remember what they were. Lame! I’m such a lame blogger! Well, if I think of them I’ll tell you.

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