IF Comp 2010: Ninja’s Fate

Okay, let’s do one more of these, so that I can feel like I accomplished something today before I spend the rest of the night screwing around in Minecraft single-player, which is possibly the most compelling yet utterly pointless activity ever.

Ninja’s Fate is by Hannes Schueller, written with Inform 7 (build 6E72). ninjas_fate.z8 weighs 324 kB.

Spoilers begin after what will undoubtedly be a picture of a ninja. Probably from some video game or other.

Yup. Dang, man. Grisly.

>x me
Although you practically blend in with the night, you know you’re in perfect shape.

You pray for guidance, but nothing happens.

Terse but effective. Just like a ninja.

[Your score has just gone up by forty-two points.]

What the—

You have so far scored 42 out of a possible 1000, in 29 turns.

Woah! Dang, man.

The very next move:

>x bust
It is the head of a man in his early 30s. A plaque is affixed below. Western people usually want to indicate reverence with this kind of thing, so this must be the image of a very important person.

[Your score has just gone up by two hundred and three points.]

I don’t know whether to be baffled or amused. Bamaffled.

Turns out the bust is of Paul Allen Panks, to whom this game is dedicated, according to the ABOUT. The northern wing appears to be devoted to games he coded. I get the feeling that, not having the foggiest notion of who Paul Allen Panks is, I’m not likely to have much clue what’s going on here.

Well, I got ending 1 of 6. Went looking for a second one, and found a maze that is full of either random nonsense, or random references to things I have no knowledge of. Not interested.

This game is competent, if thin. It might be cool for someone who knows what it’s about. I’m not that person. I give it a 5.

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