And hey, look at this! We finally got around to going back to Pop the Soda Shop, and I got a bunch more orange sodas for the Gourmet Orange Soda Challenge Spectacular 2010! There weren’t many left to pick from — just ten — so I got one of each. I figure I’ll take the top couple from this set and the top couple from the last set to do a Final Matchup at the end.

Here we have Beverage Gray’s Company Quality Taste Since 1856 Janesville Wisconsin Gourmet Orange Soda. It’s in the standard glass bottle with an uninspiring paper label, sealed with a blank white bottle-cap, and is made of corn syrup, citrus oils, and chemicals. Not very encouraging!

I’m down with chemicals, though, so let’s give it a taste.

Hmm. Not overly sweet. Not very fizzy. Has a slight orange candy taste, with overtones of something I can’t exactly place, but… you ever visit someone in another state, and the tap-water tastes kind of funny? That’s basically what this tastes like.

Someone else’s tap-water with an orange gummi bear in it.

Not unpleasant, but definitely weaksauce.

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