New cross-stitch project. This time I’m doing a group shot of a bunch of game characters I like — because they’re particularly cute, or fun, or representative of a game I particularly liked.

This first guy is a Clayman from Mother 3. He’s actually rather minty-greener than this photo turned out; I tried to use some software to do my color-picking this time, because there’s more than 150 colors in this project. Turns out software is not better at choosing colors than I am, so I get to do it all by hand. Fuuuuuuck.

Anyway I’d finished the Clayman by the time I made this decision, so he’s green instead of gray. Not a big deal, he looks pretty decent green, and the piece as a whole needed some more green in it.

If you’ve got a sharp eye, you can probably guess one of the characters standing near him. We won’t be getting to that dude for a while though.

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