Here’s the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid Rising, which doesn’t seem particularly related to the rest of the MGS franchise as far as I can tell, and once again shows us that the Future is a silly place. Honestly, check out the dainty feet on that robot thug.

Still, that slicing mechanic looks fun, and by ‘fun’ I mean totally sweet.

Update: Having recently learned a little of what happens in MGS4, which I’ve never played (frankly I’ve never played any of ‘em except MGS1 and the one on Game Boy Color, but I have watched Chip Cheezum and Ironicus’s extremely excellent Let’s Play’s for MGS2 and 3), it not only turns out this game IS directly connected to the rest of the series, but that cyborg ninja dude is actually pretty-boy Raiden from MGS2! Color me WTF!

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