Okay, two more to go in this leg of the 2010 Orangetacular Taste-Off of Ultimate Challenge. Today it’s Premium Fitz’s Since 1947 Fitz’s Bottling Co., St. Louis, MO Orange Pop, which doesn’t much roll off the tongue I must say.

Generic bottle. Paper label, reasonable design. Maybe a little bit OH YEAH SODA IN YOUR FACE but not to a really offensive degree. I think it’s the glossiness of the name, double drop-shadow, and the sort of bursty halo in the back. Reminds me of this a little. I like the wavy line around the orange circle though.

Check out that Sinistar. He’s coming along. You can totally recognize him as Sinistar now and everything.

Fuck, this twist-off cap is totally a lie.

Oh man. This isn’t a good one. It tastes like a sugar-coated latex balloon mixed with some other kind of inappropriate flavor which is familiar but I can’t quite identify it… ugh. It’s weird, because I had a Fitz’s Grape last night, and it was a perfectly good grape. You’d think a company that could make a decent grape soda wouldn’t totally shit the bed on orange.

I should have known better than to trust a company that refers to soda as “pop”. The pepper-flavored Boylan’s was better than this.

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