Still playing Deadly Premonitions — it’s in our nightly entertainment rotation now. As in, “You wanna watch a few episodes of Bleach? or Azumanga Daioh? Or play Friendly Ammunitions?”

Got to the end of the first “Chapter” the other night. The evening ended with Agent York sitting in his hotel room banging out a field report on an old manual typewriter, going over the facts of the murder investigation so far. It was pretty straightforward. So much so, in fact, that I kind of started to get into it. “You know,” I thought, “this is actually a pretty interesting story. I mean, it’s a bit Twin Peaksy sure, but on the whole this game isn’t all that bad.”

And then the dream sequence started, with the creepy identical-twin little boy angels cackling at me incoherently, and I kind of slapped myself in the head and said “Oh right, I’m playing Deadly Premonitions. Silly me.”

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