From the Reposting Metafilter Yet Again Dept:

One of the Games I’ve Kinda Been Meaning To Play But Haven’t Gotten Around To (there are many of them, hence the caps) is Saints Row 2, mainly based on the fact that it’s one of that rarest of animals, a game that Yahtzee liked. Also, I quite enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto 3 trilogy, but I played hardly any of GTA 4 — it was drab, dreary, and the handling of the cars fucking sucked. Saints Row 2 is, apparently, GTA 4 but with the fun put back in. I can totally get behind that. You know, eventually.

But this has totally sold me. Apparently, when “Take On Me” (among others) comes on the radio, your character sings along. This is one of those ideas that is so obvious it’s fucking brilliant. Of course your character sings along when “Take On Me” comes on the radio — everyone sings along when “Take On Me” comes on the radio! Don’t try and deny it, you know you do it too!

This video is the audio from all six possible character voices, singing “Take On Me” together. It’s goddamn awesome.

The only way it could be better is, as one Metafilterer commented, one of the guys sang the line “Piiiipe wrench fiiiiight…

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