Jenni and I went to see the new Star Trek movie. It was really good! I’m eagerly anticipating some more of these. The next paragraph has a spoiler, but not a terribly damaging one, and anyway you’ve probably heard about it already, even if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Okay, so, time travel, amiright? The most hilarious scene in the movie was this one: “You mean… they travelled through time? And changed something? So now everything’s totally different from how it was going to be? Our entire lives… our entire futures are going to end up totally different from that way they otherwise would have?” OKAY GUYS WE GET IT YOU’RE NOT RESTRAINED BY CANON ANY MORE JEEZ LOUISE

Also, Jenni pointed out that the bad guy totally could’ve been played by Bruce McCullough from Kids in the Hall. My pointing this out to you has probably totally ruined your ability to take him seriously as a villain. Sorry!

Also also, they totally threw a shout-out to my blog at one point. That was so awesome.

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